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Get users for your apps by trading taps with other developers on our tap exchange, cross promoting your apps on your own network or by bidding on our exclusive inventory.



Make money from your apps by connecting with thousands of top advertisers. Show ads that engage users in the moments that matter.

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“Tap for Tap is a great marketing tool for developers. It’s easy to implement and it drives installs for your app.”

-Jon Plackett  (Face Juggler)

“Tap for Tap is a unique cross-promotional service with an easy to use dashboard, simple SDK integration and an efficient support team. It is always nice to promote developers’ apps.”

-Michael Skrychevsky  (Top Quotes)

“Tap for Tap is a great and risk free way for developers to increase their visibility. I highly recommend it.”

-Robert Topala (RobTop Games)

“Tap for Tap has really helped me to increase downloads of my app. The Tap Exchange may be one of the most important discoveries I’ve made since I became a developer.”

-B&R Nelson Development

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