Adding Ooomf to Your App Strategy

In this podcast Eric talks with Mikael Cho from Ooomf about every tip, trick and tool developers need to “own the appstore.” Ooomf’s goal is to help every app developer out there “compete with the elite,” which is something that is harder and harder to do. We chat about how to get your app in the press. Mikael muses about the future of social media and utility apps, a future that is “filled with technological advancements that are just a little bit creepy” according to Eric.

Please excuse the grainy-ness…and the mustache.

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Mikael’s Favorite App

Twist - Location based texting – Tell your friends where you are when you want to.



  • Mikael Cho

    Thanks for the interview Eric. It was fun. Mustache looks good on you…Wish I could grow one.

    • Eric Dyck

      It’s long gone now. The opposite, I imagine, of the snow that must be blanketing Montreal by now?